Online Interactive Educational Tools


ABC Teach
Flashcards and coloring pages for learning the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes
Variety of online games
Dr. Seuss's Seussville! 
Many resources on this Random House site
Fisher Price Online Learning
Activities for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
Jigsaw Puzzles 
Click and drag puzzle pieces for many different themes
Variety of educational videos for children
Kiddie Games 
Preschool games in a variety of topics
Kids' Pages 
Interactive and printable coloring pages, alphabet, riddles, stories accompanied by beautiful illustrations, illustrated animal rhymes and jigsaw puzzles
Kids Scholastic 
Read, listen, color, and count on this interactive site
Pictures and sounds to help children learn from letters to sight words

Mother Goose Caboose 
Interactive learning of rhymes, poetry, numbers, letters, colors, etc.

Links to a variety of interactive activities in all topics

PBS Kids 
Links to popular PBS program sites such as Arthur, Berenstain Bears, Reading Rainbow, etc.

Sesame Street Workshop 
Variety of games for learning letters, numbers, shapes and colors; art and music activities

Sheppard Software 
Interactive activities in a variety of early childhood areas

Technology Projects for Students 
Variety of PowerPoint books that can be downloaded or viewed online

Ted & Floppy's Fun Page 
Interactive memory games, coloring projects, learning numbers and more with a teddy bear
Top Marks 
Primary interactive websites; click on Fountain level for early childhood

Up to Ten 
Animated story books, musical games, songs, etc.

Fun with Spot 
Interactive activities with the popular dog, Spot


Books, Stories and Nursery Rhymes

Clifford Interactive 
Interactive online books featuring Clifford

Stories, songs and games for early readers

A variety of activities and read aloud books

Stories from the Web 
Stories and acitivities for children 0 - 7

Tar Heel Reader 
A collection of speech enabled, easy-to-read books on a wide range of topics

Build A Neighborhood 
Choose an area to get started and then create a neighborhood


Letters and Numbers

Alphabet Action 
Click on each letter of the alphabet to hear its name

Count the Bananas
Count how many bananas the monkey eats

Count Your Chickens 
Practice counting online

Fishy Count 
Count how many fish are in each picture

Literacy Corner 
Practice uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more online

Letter of the Day 
Learn a letter each day

Number Train 
Move the boxcars to count to ten
Spider Counting 
Click a number and that many spiders will appear

Alphabet PowerPoints free for downloading

123 Order
Practice counting and decide what number is next



Draw Me Shapes
Guess the shape or draw with the animation to create shapes

Matching Shapes
Click and drag the colored shape to its shadow

Picture Perfect
Identify shapes in the animated pictures

The Preschool Room
Learn the basic shapes with fun online sites

Story of Shapes
Animated book about shapes


Music & Coloring

Barney Makes Music
Combines stories with learning the basics of music
Online Coloring
Links to many online coloring and painting sites
Sing Along With Me
Words and music to a variety of popular songs for children

Up to Ten - Song for Kids
Animated songs with music