Early Childhood Learning Initiative

Helping All Children Succeed for Life

We are working to ensure that all children are prepared to succeed when they enter school.  This initiative is dedicated to providing all children with a great start in life by working to ensure that children from birth to age 6 develop the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical skills they need as they enter school.

This site will help you get useful information and connect you with resources and organizations that are working to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood development.  It will also provide you with the tools and skills you need to help you prepare your child to enter school ready to learn.

The Issue

85% of the child’s brain develops before the age of five, so it is critical to provide learning opportunities before formal school begins.  Too many students entering kindergarten received no formal preschool education or too little early learning opportunities.  Many of these children start school behind their peers and are unable to catch up.

United Way’s goal is to help you prepare children to enter school ready to learn by:

  • Increasing literacy skills at a young age.
  • Increasing family involvement in literacy, health, and other factors that lead to school readiness.