Board of Directors

Who runs the United Way?

There are directors who represent townships and villages in the county who serve as volunteers. Complete authority and responsibility for all decisions and policies governing the United Way of Henry County are entrusted to the directors who represent you.

Executive Board

Mike Saneholtz
Board President

Tim Schumm
I Vice President

Jon Kundo
II Vice-President

Marvin Barlow

Thomas W. Mack

Chris Peper
Communications Committee Chair

Steven Small
Funds Distribution Committee Chair

Jim Stevens
Planning Committee Chair

Board of Directors

Rick Bachman
Sandy Blackwood
Sandy Burgel
Dr. Rachel Bostelman
Marietta Damman
Jim George
Sue Hammer
Jenny Krauss
Juleen Leonard
Patrick McColley
Jane McGill
Diane Meyer
Betty Mowery
Julie MtCastle
Jeff Schlade
Connie Schuette
Eileen Stough
Norma Weis
Linda Wensink